About Us

European International University (Paris) is proud to offer H.R. and Leadership Development programmes that offer a wide range of experiences to improve capabilities, services approaches, tools and measurable impact. See the Live Virtual section at eiu.ac.

Having successfully incorporated in Paris, France, (Registration at RCS No.: 839 980 851 R.C.S. Paris on 29 May 2018), the European International University (EIU) – Paris is a private, independent higher education provider. EIU – Paris offers higher education programmes that are different from the French National Curricula and Programmes leading to French Government accredited university qualifications, which falls under the French Public Higher Education sector.

Live & Live Virtual Workshops:

  1. Impactive Business & People Leadership
  2. Performance, Development & Rewards Management
  3. Organisation Development & Design
  4. Impactive HR- For The Uninitiated!
  5. Resourcing, Learning & Talent Management
  6. Strategic HR – Business Partnership & Beyond
  7. Strategic Workforce Planning
  8. 3 Learning Facilitation Programmes (TTT) – Accredited (level 3), Senior Accredited (level 5) and Master (level 7).

Bangkok School of Management is the first and only international executive education / training provider in Thailand, with official recognition from the Ministry of Education, Thailand (Kor Ror 235/2554). The Institute has been in operation since 1998, as one of the most industry-relevant higher education and training provider.

In line with responding to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) initiatives and increasing global demands from business and governments alike, BSM offers executive HR Development, along with Essentials of Leadership programmes, that prepare professionals to equip themselves with internationally recognized qualifications to compete and succeed in the regionally and globally integrated workforce in executive management / business field.

Live Training Programmes:

  1. Strategic HR – Business Partnership
  2. Strategic HR – Leadership
  3. Performance, Development & Rewards Management
  4. Resourcing & Talent Management Development
  5. Creating & Implementing Corporate Strategy

Live Virtual Training Programmes:

  1. Resourcing, Learning and Talent Management
  2. Organisational Development (Including Organisational Design)
  3. Performance, Development and Rewards Management
  4. Leadership Essentials
  5. Strategic HR – Business Partnership

The Programmes Emphasise:

  • Practical, providing knowledge, skills, tools and approaches that are tried and tested and work.
  • Supportive, the demands on a ‘modern’ HR service and today’s Leaders are many and developing required capabilities is not easy and can take time but they ARE developable with the right support.
  • Involvement, including discussion, practice and essentially the building of confidence to make a real impact in the workplace.
We also work with a number of global partners and co-brand certification as requested.
These partners include:
  • LEORON – A significant supplier of learning programmes across the globe including HCI’s leading HR programmes.
  • FORBES NETWORK MEDIA – For 17 years a supplier of 100+ webinars and masterclasses to a widespread audience.
  • SYNNEX GROUP – whose masterclasses on Leadership and other key areas are seen as market leading.
  • MILE – A non-profit, providing significant development across the arab and Muslim world through its PALM and other programmes.
Our thanks to them all for their involvement and support!

About the Trainer

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-3-59-25-pmAll programmes are designed and delivered by Professor Dr. Joel Farnworth.

Prof. Dr. Joel is the Dean of Business & Management Studies at European International University and Managing Partner of Kasemsri Farnworth & Associates, a consulting firm based in Bangkok, Thailand offering a wide range of programmes and services to clients including Strategy, Leadership and Human Resource Management.
Current clients are a mix of corporate, governments and educational institutions with a primary focus on raising HR’s capability to service growing business demands in the “developing world”.

He spent 20+ years in financial services with HSBC, mainly in the ASP and MENA regions – 30 countries and 40+ nationalities – holding both specialist Management Development and generalist HR roles including Head of HR for Thailand, India and MENA. His last role with them was as Global Head of Talent, Learning and Organization Development, based in London.

He holds a DBA from California Metropolitan and an MA in Management Learning from CSML Lancaster, UK and is a Fellow of CIPD with Fellowship status pending. He has also attended development events at such leading institutions as Roffey Park, UK and Michigan Business School, US.

Prof. Dr. Joel’s lengthy commercial career strongly influences his practical, hands on approach which emphasizes translating what we know into key impactive capabilities that aid and drive sustained competitive advantage and success.

Prof. Dr. Joel has spent a significant time working with business, developing regional and local HR resources to deliver to international standards.

Our Past Clients

To date, EIU and BSM Training have been successful in training over 500 government and private sector officers from countries such as Bhutan, Tanzania, the Philippines, Namibia, Mauritius, Malaysia, the Maldives, Myanmar, South Africa, India, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Japan, Thailand, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and many others. Most of the time, the participants come over for training in Bangkok, Thailand, but there are occasions when we send out our expert trainers/lecturers to other countries as well. We are flexible in accommodating client’s needs.

Since our short courses (training) are put together and offered as per the demand of requesting organizations and/or individuals, it could be done any time in the. Dates, duration, and contents (objectives) of the training are customized to meet the needs of the requesting organization and its participants.

EIU and BSM Training provides a wide range of fields such as Engineering, Healthcare, Banking, Accounting, Finance, Business, Management, Marketing, Sales, Information Technology, Computers/Computing, Education, Teacher Training, Psychology/Counseling, Psychological Self-Help, Research Methodology, Data Analysis (Quantitative and Qualitative) and many others.