Impactive Business & People Leadership

A 12 hour (3-Day) intensive development programme that highlights, progresses and implements international leadership best practice.

A focused examination of Leadership that provides participants with the necessary range of responses needed to be successful leaders today and in the future – wearing both their business driver and people focussed “hats”.

At the end of the programme, participants would have raised their capability and confidence to deliver business results from a personal competence and people leader perspective.

Essentially determining the difference between leadership and management, identify the key personal, business and people capabilities needed by successful leaders and a focus and understanding of leadership being influenced to a certain extent by the “led”.

  1. Leadership vs. Management
    Clarifying the difference.
  2. The Demands of the Led and Key Responses Required
    Emerging and continuing demands from the workforce and the impact on leadership style.
  3. Creating Strategic Intent
    A look forward.
  4. VMV, Strategy, AOP and KPIs
    The connections – strategy implementation, measurable deliverables and gaining commitment.
  5. Strategy Implementation
    Via talent – the lifeblood of continuing success.
  6. Strategy Implementation
    Via engagement – determining where you stand on gaining “willing commitment” and how to improve going forward.
    ***Key action points and takeaways for both the organisation and the individual.***An interactive yet stretching programme that can be enjoyed by current incumbent leaders or by those aspiring to and preparing for leadership positions.