Strategic HR – Business Partnership & Beyond

12 hour (3 – Day) intensive development programme that highlights the progress and key elements of HR’s progress and impact on Business Success to date and looks forward to an evolving role that continues that progress and impact.

This programme charts the progress of HR from a supplier of administrative services to that of a strategic business partner today and the potential of a key change adviser of tomorrow. It emphasizes the key services that that make up the business partner proposition as well as the structures and (more importantly) capabilities needed for HR to deliver the services that aid business success.

On completion of the programme participants (from HR) would be able to design and deliver an impactive HR service that aids business success or (if from the line) demand the key people advice.

A summary of the progress made by HR to date in successfully moving from an administrator to a supplier of services that aid business success. Identification of the 5 key services that make up that success and a look forward to the evolving role of influencer, stakeholder manager and shared business leader.

  1. Growth and Impact of HR – From Administrator to Business Partner
    A review of HR progress to date and the drivers of that progress.
    The key influences that have brought about the sea-change in the HR role and its impact on business progress and success.
  2. Growth and Impact of HR (continued)
    Identification of the key services provided by the Advanced HR Business Partner and outline capabilities, roles and structures needed by HR individuals to deliver the advice and services demanded today.
  3. Five Key Impactive HR Services
    Strategic advice and counsel: identification of strategic human capital issues and responses for progressive success. These vary with time but a focus here on strategic advice to the business on current people trends.
  4. Five Key Impactive HR Services
    Performance and Reward Management. Adding deep dive into value added to business via enhanced HR expertise. Not always thought of as the HR remit, but one that experience proves to be substantially value added.
  5. Five Key Impactive HR Services
    Talent & Organisation Development Management.
    The essence of HR impact on business progress. Probably the key of keys as the “war for talent” continues to be a major challenge for most businesses.
  6. HR Metrics and Analysis – link to business outcomes
    Establishing key metrics to track, analyse, report and guide progress for both HR and the organisation.
    An increasing need to test progress of the various new approaches and initiatives, amend accordingly and progress further.

***Key action points and takeaways for the organisation, business and individual***.

An interactive yet stretching programme that can be enjoyed by HR professionals from any HR discipline and by line managers who can learn what is increasingly on offer to make their businesses more successful via improved human capital attraction and management.