Danish Batool

Mohammad Salim Aslami

Lee-Rae Rodwell
Mitsubishi Electric Thai Auto-Parts

“I would like to thank BSM for offering this intensive and invaluable virtual training experience on the topic of Organisational Development. This is the second training opportunity that I have experienced with Mr. Joel  Farnworth and I feel deeply privileged to be trained by a  professional with such expansive knowledge and  experience in this field, specifically in the areas of: Values,  Diversity, Engagement, and Organisation Design. Thank you.”

Kenneth Mensah

“I loved your sessions on leading organisations, human capital management and business strategy.”

Lee-Rae Rodwell - Mitsubishi Electric Thai Auto-Parts
HRD (Expert)

“I would like to thank Mr. Joel Farnworth and the team at BSM for providing such a unique and informative training experience. It’s not every day that you get the privilege of being trained one-to-one by a seasoned HR and Leadership professional with 22 years of international experience. The breadth and depth that Mr. Farnworth covered in the 6 hours regarding Strategic Leadership, Strategic HRM including: Succession readiness planning, Employee Engagement, and the importance of HIP(P)O Development plans, was invaluable. I can only imagine the impact that a full 3-day or 5-day course of this calibre could offer any Organisation. Thank you for the time and expertise that you have shared during this 1-day intensive course.”

Asma Moosa - MTCC
Maldives, October 2020

“I learnt a lot more than before and it was a great deal to learn new things. Mr. Joel was great.”

Marcus Cheong - HRDFuture
Singapore, July 2020

Our heartfelt thanks go to you for facilitating the recent (HCI) HRBP Virtual program. Your professionalism, integrity and sincerity are admired and beyond question. It has been an honour and pleasure working with you and hope we can do it again soon.

Khun Thunchanok - HR Manager Dachser Thailand Ltd.
Thailand, July 2020

Joel provided a good course for the HR role – particularly linked to strategic thinking in business intent. It makes me develop knowledge and planning for the near future.

Khun Soravuth - GM Beumer Group Thailand Co. Ltd.
Thailand, July 2020

I enjoyed the training, the flow of topics, discussions and the sharing of real life experiences.

Farida Bayramova

My great thanks to you Joel for such great training that really helped me a lot with my questions and concerns on different cases.

Rakpoom Sangkhamars

The training is very good and information is very useful for the business.

Elina Rahmita Sofian

“Mr. Joel is very capable and has broad experience in the HR area. Therefore, the session has been very fruitful and effective. The facilities are also great. I would recommend Mr. Joel’s HR programmes to any of my friends, because it’s a very hands-on process all through-out the course!”

Pratima Ale Magar

“It was a great privilege to get this training from Joel, a highly skilled person – thankyou for making this learning experience wonderful.”

Danish Batool

“Excellently designed leadership programme – good for me and my organisation.”

Remi Cappelaer

“Wish to thank Joel for his excellent guidance and who has been a great tutor for the last 4 days.”

Nadine Ott

“Very useful overview of areas in which Strategic HR can make an impact.”

Charlotte Bijleveld

 “I enjoyed the training and learnt a lot. Joel is very enthusiastic, has a lot of experience in business and made me feel I could ask any and all questions.”

Karim Joseph

Thank you for this great opportunity, great presentation style with alot of flexibility to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and  informative training this has more than met my  expectations.

Bruno Marvisi
People Management Ducati Motor Thailand - ASD Director

 “Very interesting and effective. Joel is able to delivery the clear message on each topic.”

Hugo Baumgarten
Precision Valve, Thailand

“Concerning the consultant, I was very satisfied to have someone who could share his practical experience to me and the way he has done it was great!!”

Fathmanh Munee - MTCC
Maldives, October 2020

“Great presentation with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples, which all make for really informative training.”

Khin Soe - HR Manager MPRL

We, MPRL Group of companies HR team had a great time with you, we learned lots, quite refreshing our perspective and useful for day to day HR functions. Thank you for sharing an inspiring learning experience.

Khun Macario - DGM Beumer Group Thailand Co. Ltd.
Thailand, July 2020

Joel is very experienced in the topic and enjoyed the lots of Q & A sessions during the programme.

Usanee Ungamporn

Joel is a great facilitator with full knowledge and experience in the field. He delivered exactly what I needed to know and based his comments from the real situation around me. I will certainly take other courses with him when I am able to.

Mohammed Ibrahim

I found the trainer was a very good and talented person. Strongly I can say he is one of the best I ever met.

Vikamya Jearaditharporn

Joel is knowledgeable and competent in the subject, a good trainer and explains things in constructive ways that are easy to understand.

Farid Nolen

I like Joel’s practical content and ability to answer questions from vast experience.

Sudorat Tanattanawin

“I like the fact that I can bring any issue to the trainers and they can give me a solution.”

Tshering Choden

“Great learning experience combined with interesting case studies and fun interaction.”

Chanrith Prom

“This training is great which benefit me to lead my team as well as organisation to be functioned toward success. The instructor, facility and services are excellent. The methods of training are well integrated from theories and best practices to translate them to improve in my organization implementation.”

Aminath Hameeda

“As a senior HR Officer, I’ve learnt a lot of things within the five days of Human Resource Management programme.”

Hussain Shaazhussaun Shaaz

“I learnt a great deal of information about the topic and hopefully I would be able to make changes in the way HR works in MTCC PLC.”