Strategic HR - Business Partnership

16 hour, Live Virtual, Intensive Development Programme that highlights and progresses international best practice

Programme Overview

Strategic Human Resource Management is today a very different series of services than the administrative offerings of the past. It requires a radically different set of capabilities and an understanding/relationship with the organization/business that would not have been thought of just a few short years ago. The journey to Strategic HR and Business Partnership (where HR) service and advice can actually impact business success has been a long and checkered one and even today some estimates still put the number of HR teams operating as an impactive strategic business partner at only 15% - or even less!!

Completion of the above 16 hour programme will lead to the award of The Bangkok School of Management’s Certificate in Strategic HR – Business Partnership. In addition all HRDEV programmes are accredited by ASIC (UK) at “PREMIER” level status.

All programmes are designed and delivered by Joel Farnworth MAML Chartered Fellow CIPD, EGTF, Managing Partner of Kasemsri Farnworth & Associates.

These programmes are delivered in English.

Target Audience

Target/Suitable attendees for these workshops are HR professionals (and/or Business Leaders and Managers) wishing to increase their understanding and capability in HR best practice. Class sizes are preferred at 5 to 20 attendees but this can be amended to accommodate organisation and individual needs.

Programme Objectives and Outcomes:

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

1. Trace the evolution of HR from its administrative roots to a fully-fledged business partner that aids business success.

2. Identify the key strategic services that the HR business partner of today needs to deliver to be truly impactive.

3. Outline the capabilities required to design, deliver and influence the implementation of these business impactive services.

4. Discuss and agree pertinent structures for a business driven HR service but in the context of capability always leading structural concerns.

5. Determine key meaningful people metrics that add value and shape the HR services that aid business success.


Do I need a particular background to attend this course?

No. Increasingly HR professionals are keen to learn what a modern HR approach is and how it can help them deliver results. The programmes are designed to enhance capability, performance and career opportunities.

Does it matter which industry I am in?

No. The services and capabilities covered in the programmes apply to any and all industries. Some parts can be more important/required than others and we flex the coverage appropriately to meet participant need.

Can I change the duration of the course?

Yes, and No!!  The advertised core programmes run for 16 hours and are delivered as described. However, we can design and deliver and length of programme as determined by particular need. Just tell us what you need/prefer and we will design it and deliver it.

How does this programme differ from others?

Extensive Global, Regional and Local research and experience gives a breadth of approach to this programme that is hard to match. We have learned much in recent years on how HR professionals can be more impactive and this workshop provides the knowledge and capability to really make a difference, perform better and enhance career prospects.

Accredited by..

4 Sessions of 4 Hours delivered as requested

Max Size
5-20 Participants per Group

Bangkok School of Management and ASIC

Course Fee for details