Essentials of Leadership

04-01-19 Khairinah Khairudin 0 comment


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Essentials of Leadership:
Great interest these days in the “ESSENTIALS” of leadership and a couple more colleagues from the Maldives exploring what these essentials are. Always an interesting debate in separating Leadership from Management. Almost all immediately agree they are different but clarifying that difference and then determining what impactive Leadership now looks like is more of a challenge.
From the organisation/business perspective where we are hiring, internally assessing/developing next generation leaders (or simply developing current incumbents) this clear determination from management becomes vital if we are to make the right leadership choices.
We cover 3 keys to “ESSENTIALS” on the programme – learned and revised but fundamentally applicable in leadership roles per se and perhaps we’ll get an opportunity to discuss further or perhaps you already have your determination and your 3?
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